St. Emeric Church
Szent Imre Római Katolikus Magyar Egyházközség
Roman Catholic Church - Serving the Hungarian Community since 1904 for over 110 years (history/történelem)


The website of the St. Emeric Hungarian Community


St. Emeric Church 100th Anniversary Centennial Album - Published in 2004 Celebrating 100 Years


St. Emeric Church Hungarian Cookbook (1970) - Hungarian recipes (3 MB PDF download)



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Szt Imre

Szt. Imre




St. Emeric Church, 1860 West 22nd Street, Cleveland, OH 44113

Administrator-Pastor: Rev. András Mezei

Phone: (216) 861-1937 (leave message)

Mass Schedule:

Sunday Mass: 11:00 am (in Hungarian/magyarul)


Mass time is Sunday at 11:00 am

A vasárnapi szentmisék 11 órakor kezdődnek!



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