1st Sunday of Lent – March 5, 2017

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1th Sunday of Lent – 2017. Március 5. – Nagyböjt 1. vasárnapja
VÁLASZOS ZSOLTÁR: Könyörülj, Urunk, Istenünk: * Mert nagy a vétkünk.

Responsorial Psalm: Be merciful, O Lord, for we have sinned.

TODAY’S MASS: 11:00 AM, For Hedi Kocskár, by Mihály Vámos


March    6 Monday  9:00   AM For Pál Leszkó, by Olga Hornyiák
March    8 Wednesday  9:00   AM For intention of celebrant
March  10 Friday  9:00   AM For János Megyimóri, Megyimóri Family
March  11 Saturday  5:00   PM For László Kovács, By Blanka Korpos
March   12 Sunday 11:00  AM For János Molnár, by Family


CONFESSIONS  before each Mass and by appointment.

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK, especially Mary Nemeth, Bev Kímár, Fred & Irene Glunz, Anna & Janos Padar, Imre Földesi. Dr. Izabella Bence, and Terézia Rabensteiner.

LENT: All Fridays in Lent are days of abstinence from meat.  We will pray the Stations of the Cross on Sundays in Lent before Mass, starting at10:30.  Your devout attendance is requested!

WILD GAME DINNER . This year our hunters have been busy and are ready to prepare a delightful wild game dinner on March 19 in the church hall at 12:30 PM. Menu: appetizers, bean soup, wild game venison, wild rice and vegetables, dessert Gundel crepes, coffee. Also a bottle of red wine per couple. Cost:$40., students $15. Please make your reservations by March 15 by calling one of the ladies:   Zsula Marika 216-676-5863 or  Sedenszky Orsolya 330-963-7035.

DIOCESAN SEMINARY —As you well know, our seminarians are essential to a strong, vibrant Catholic Church and that they need support during the years of priestly formation. We can be part of this support with our financial contribution. Make check payable to CPL Bishop’s Seminary Fund and send to Rectory here or place in collection basket next Sunday. Thank you for your support on behalf of our priesthood candidates.

DELIGHTFUL DOUGHNUT –FÁNK-SALE MARCH 25-26.  The ladies of the Altar Guild are baking their delicious Hungarian style doughnuts again. $12. A dozen.  Place your orders by calling Maria Zsula 216/676/5863 or Orsolya Sedensky 330/963/7035 by Wednesday, March 22.

DOUGHNUT BREAKFAST MARCH 26 after Sunday Mass in hall. 2 doughnuts, apricot whip and coffee for $5.

OUR PILGRIMAGE TO CSIKSOMLYÓ, the beautiful historical Marian shrine in Erdély, this year is from May 31 to June 8. A journey of faith and cultural discovery.There is still some room. For information, please call the Rectory.

CLEVELAND HUNGARIAN HERITAGE SOCIETY invites all to opening of special exhibit, the Sebo Collection on Saturday,  March 11 at 2PM.  At that time Ms. Deba Gray, art appraiser, will present a talk on appraising items that we may have in our homes or “treasures” that we have perhaps received in the past. For more information, please see poster on bulletin board or take a flyer found in the back of the church.

 THE COMMEMORATION of Hungarian Freedom fight of 1848 this year will be on Saturday, March 11 at 5:30PM at the Cleveland Public Library by the statue of Sándor Petöfi.  For details please see the poster on bulletin board.

TODAY THERE WILL BE A SECOND COLLECTION  for the Black and Indian Missions. Please be generous.

REMINDER:  Set your clocks forward one hour for morning of next Sunday, March 12.



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