5th Sunday of Easter – April 24, 2016


5th Sunday of Easter                                      2016.  April 24.                                         Húsvét 5. vasárnapja
VÁLASZOS ZSOLTÁR: Istenem és királyom, magasztallak téged, *  Szent nevedet áldom örökkön örökké.

TODAY’S  MASS  — For candidates reciving the Sacrement of Confirmation


April 25 Monday 9:00 AM For thanksgiving to Saints, by Olga Hornyiák
April 27 Wednesday 9:00 AM For intention of Celebrant
April 29 Friday   9:00 AM For health of Ágnes And János Pádár, by Frank Dobos
April 30 Saturday 5:00 PM (English) For Andrew Darula, by Walter and Rosmarie Keel
 May 1 Sunday 11:00 AM For Miklós and Katalin Szentkirályi 40. Wedding Anniversary–



Confessions before each Mass and by appointment.

LAST WEEKEND’S COLLECTION: Sunday offering: $1,652., Maintenance Fund $75. Special donationof $1,000. Dollars in loving memory of Ilona Kreeger Veres, by Gusztáv Veres. THANK YOU!


PLEASE PRAY FOR THE DECEASED, especially Gusztáv Veres

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK , especially Mary Nemeth, Hédi Kocskár, Bev Kimár, Fred and Irene Glunz, Anna (Ági) and Janos Padar, John Sedensky.

SUNDAY MISSALS IN ENGLISH are in the church to enable those to follow the liturgy who don’t speak Hungarian.

WARMEST WELCOME TO His Excellency, Bishop Dr. Ferenc Cserháti, for visiting us on his North American pastoral tour and administering the sacrament of Confirmation today.  We thank him and ask him to pray for us to be steadfast in our faith, for our parish, and in turn we pray for him.

CONCERT- TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 26, at 7PM in the church hall.  The group called TÖRÖK TESTVÉR are coming from Hungary to share with us samples of beautiful Hungarian folksongs and culture.  Admission $15., students $5.  Dance House afterwards.

CATHOLIC CHARITIES:  The Diocesan Catholic Charities campaign has begun.“Your support of the 2016 Catholic Charities Appeal is an act of mercy that will change lives of your brothers and sisters in Christ.  We appreciate your donation and will take special care to use it wisely in providing essential programs and services to people in need.”   Please use the special envelopes found in the back of the church, and in filling out all the information, please write in our parish name, St. Emeric Parish.

TODAY— There will be a Second Collection for the Home Missions. Please be generous.

LOOKING AHEAD-Please note: this year First Holy Communion and May Crowning at our parish will be celebrated on Sunday, May 1!!!!

SPECIAL THANK YOU to Adam Török Dancsó, who was visiting the Hungarian community in Cleveland this past year and for sharing his musical talent with the community as well as with us at our church.


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