VÁLASZOS ZSOLTÁR: Minden föld Istent dicsérje!

Responsorial Psalm: Let all the earth cry out to God with joy.

TODAY’S MASS: 11:00 AM, Deceased Family Members, by Krisztina O’Reilly


May  22 Monday  9:00   AM For Ildikó Kőrössy, by Kőrössy Family
May  24 Wednesday  9:00   AM No Mass
May  26 Friday  9:00   AM For living and deceased members of Kőrössy Family, by Kőrössy Family
May  27 Saturday  5:00   PM For Árpád Dobolyi, by Family
May  28 Sunday 11:00  AM For József and Mária Glaser, by Vámos Family

ANYONE WISHING TO RECEIVE THE SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM OR CONFIRMATION, please contact the Rectory as soon as possible.             CONFESSIONS  before each Mass and by appointment.

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK, especially Mary Nemeth, Bev Kímár, Fred & Irene Glunz, Anna & Janos Padar, Imre Földesi, Dr. Izabella Bence, Terézia Rabensteiner, János Sedenszky, Bela Tarman, Frank Dobos, Anna Takács.

YOUTH MASS TODAY— Heartfelt welcome to all and to the youth who participate in assisting roles in the liturgy.  Everyone is  invited to an agape afterwards in the church hall to celebrate those born in the beautiful month of May!

THANK YOU to all who made last Sunday’s May Crowning and Mothers Day celebration so beautiful and special.  Heartfelt thanks to the children whose presence is always so dear and inspiring to us. Our gratitude goes to all the volunteers who worked hard to  prepare and serve the Mothers Day dinner last Sunday and to all those who supported the special charity fundraiser, resulting in $2,302..  God bless you for your generosity!

THE DIOCESAN CATHOLIC CHARITIES CAMPAIGN of the Diocese is asking for your support to help the needy in our diocese.  The envelopes for this can be found in the back of the church and in the pews.  You can either make a one-time contribution or make a pledge to pay in installments.  Please be generous. Our parish goal is set at $2,200.  Please be sure that our parish name and your name are on the envelope. Thank you for your generosity and kindness for the needy in the Diocese.

PLEASE NOTE:  This Tuesday, May 23, I (Father András) will be leaving for Hungary and returning June 9.  I will be meeting with Archbishop Gyula Márfi and then will be going on with the pilgrimage group to the Marian Shrine of Csiksomlyo. If you are in need of a priest during this time, please call Father Antal András, pastor of St. Elizabeth Parish, at 216-231-0325 or in the month of June Father Richard Bona at 216-749-2323 residing at Mary Queen of Peace Parish.

MEETING OF NORTH AMERICAN HUNGARIAN PRIESTS: Bishop Ferenc Cserháti sends his warmest greetings and blessings to the Hungarian-Americans in Cleveland encouraging them to remain faithful to their faith and identity.

LOOKING AHEAD-PLEASE SAVE THE DATE — August 19 and 20 for our two-day Hungarian Festival on occasion of Feastday of St. Stephen.  Let us live and share with the community the many aspects of our wonderful Hungarian-American heritage and culture.  Details will be forthcoming.

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