Christmas and New Year’s Holiday Schedule

Dear St. Emeric Parishioners,
There are many striking moments in the story of Christmas and one of them is the greeting of the angels to the shepherds: “Glory to God in the highest!” The angels sang these words shortly after Jesus’ birth when the Divinity has visibly entered the human world. Up until this moment, only the angels could see God “face to face.” It seems that with the Divine Savior’s coming into our world where soon people would be able to see God face to face in Jesus, the angels wanted to teach us what to do first when we see Him.
Indeed, the proper response to God is to bow down before Him and glorify Him, offering Him praises. We do that when we come to the church where through the Eucharistic celebration we can render the best possible praise and glory to God (and He does deserve and expects the best from us). I hope to see many of you at this time, but also in the future here in our church. The most important matter, however, wherever we are, is to glorify Him every Sunday through participation at Mass.
Thank you for your kind cooperation in all our parish activities and your loyalty and generosity this year. May God repay your graciousness and goodwill by blessing your Christmas and the New Year with an abundance of spiritual and material blessings.
Fr. Richard Bona
Christmas 2021
p.s. The Dec. 24 Christmas Eve Mass at 10 p.m. from St. Emeric will be live-streamed on Facebook.
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