THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR KINDNESS: With the help of a generous donor, we were able to collect the needed funds for the new cameras rather very quickly. We have surpassed the goal (so far we have collected $1620) and we will use the extra funds for improving the quality of the sound (we already had the soundboard examined by experts and they were able to fix the scratchiness that sometimes appeared). It was rather humbling to witness the generosity of our donors. May God bless you and protect you!
Since March of 2020, the internet broadcasting of Masses has become a regular occurrence in the vast majority of parishes. We ourselves have been livestreaming almost for two years. It has proven to be beneficial for those who due to old age, serious illness, or having moved away, cannot personally participate at Masses, but still want to remain in touch with our parish.
The equipment that we have been using was loaned to us and we will have to return it soon. Since there is a value in continuing the livestreaming, we are in the process of purchasing the needed equipment. The cost for the cameras (with built-in transmitter and receiver) and the stands is around $1,200. If your situation allows it, please consider donating to this purpose.
If you send in a check, please indicate on the memo line the intention “new cameras” and mail it to St. Emeric Church, 1860 West 22nd Street, Cleveland, OH 44113. Similarly, you may make a donation on our website using a credit card or the PayPal option: Please indicate in the memo line that the donation is for the cameras.
Thank you very much and may God reward your generosity!

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