Donations for church air conditioning can be made below!  (Mark in Memo section “For air conditioning”)


Dear St. Emeric Parishioners and Supporters!

In so far as your means allow, please support the church financially, for that is a necessity for our survival. Parishioners are encouraged to use their membership envelopes, if at all possible, for their Sunday donations, so that the donation amount (cash or check) can be recorded and credited to the parish member.  Checks can also be sent by mail to St. Emeric Church, 1860 W. 22nd St., Cleveland, Ohio 44113.  If possible, please remember the church in your estate planning.


Fr. Richard Bona

We accept donations by credit card too via PayPal with the following form.  You don’t have to have a PayPal account to donate online.  Thank You for your support!


  • Please enter here the purpose of the donation (Sunday offering, maintenance, dinner, lunch, in memory of, etc.)


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