Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

The picture on this letter shows one of the most widespread depictions of Jesus’ resurrection. It began in 12-13th centuries and remained quite popular to this day. It is a portrayal of His triumph. With one hand he holds a long cross with a banner. Often this banner has a red cross on a white field symbolizing His blood that was shed by the only Innocent One. With the other hand (raised in the air) he greets or signals to His disciples the accomplishment of His victory. A further underscoring of His great triumph is the image of Him stepping out of a sarcophagus.

What did Jesus triumph over? I think we all know the answer: He triumphed over sin and death. But how much do we know it with our hearts? How much joy does His resurrection bring us in our daily lives? How well is my life built on this foundation?  My prayer is that Christ’s triumph will become ever fresher, ever more indispensably connected to everything we do.

A very Blessed Easter to all of you!

Fr. Richard Bona,
Pastor of St Emeric

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