2nd SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME – January 17, 2021

RESPONSORIAL PSALM: Here am I, Lord; I come to do your will.

TODAY’S MASS INTENTION: János Molnár, by Molnár Family


January 18 Monday 9:00 AM Leslie Győri, by Eva Szabo
January 19 Tuesday 9:00 AM Lydia Bond (special intention)
January 20 Wednesday 9:00 AM John Geréby, by Hanna Geréby
January 21 Thursday 9:00 AM Katarina Andriutsa, Kézdi & Polomsky Families
January 22 Friday 9:00 AM Steve Spisak, by Magda Wood
January 23 Saturday 5:00 PM Steve Spisak, by Wife & Family
January 24 Sunday 11:15 AM Elemér Süveges, by the Family

FROM THE DESK OF FR. BONA: On January 18 in the Hungarian liturgical calendar we have the feast of St. Margaret of Hungary (January 27, 1242 – January 18, 1270). She was a Dominican nun and the daughter of King Béla IV of Hungary and Maria Laskarina. She was the younger sister of St. Kinga of Poland (Kunegunda) and Bl. Yolanda of Poland and, through her father, the niece of the famed St. Elizabeth of Hungary. In our church we have her statue and we also have her painting which once was installed above the altar at the now closed St. Margaret of Hungary church. Soon we will place it in a more conspicuous space so that others can see it as well. God bless! Fr. Bona

LAST WEEKEND’S COLLECTION: Sunday Offering: $2,822. Donations in loving memory of John Gereby: $50 by Clarissa Geréby; $25 by Piroska Táborosi. Donations in loving memory of Mária Földesi: $50 by Piroska Táborosi. Donations in loving memory of Attila Németh: $50 by Piroska Táborosi.

DEAR PARISHIONERS! PLEASE PICK UP YOUR 2021 YEAR DONATION ENVELOPES IN THE SUNDAY OFFICE. Thank you for your generosity in supporting the parish throughout the year. If there are any address changes, please notify us. Thank you for remembering your church’s needs in these difficult times and by sending in your offertory donation when not in attendance at Mass either by mail or on our website using a credit card or the PayPal option: https://stemeric.com/donations/

DOUGHNUT SALE – Ladies of the Altar Guild are baking the traditional Hungarian doughnuts – FÁNK- for sale. Please order your doughnuts by January 19th by calling one of the ladies listed below. Cost is $13 a dozen and can be picked up Saturday, January 23 (3-5PM) and on Sunday before or after the 11:15 AM Mass. To place your order, please call one of the ladies:

Marika Zsula 216-676-5863 or Mária Mészáros 440-331-0391.

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK, especially Bev Kimar, Béla Tarmann, Rose Dudevszky, Teréz Kalász, Madeleine B. Smith, Gerő Kondray.

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE DECEASED, especially for Emma Peller whose Funeral Mass will be here at St. Emeric on Saturday, January 23, 2021 at 11AM.

PLEASE NOTE — THE COVID 19 DIRECTIVES are still in effect.

THIS SUNDAY the 9:15 AM Mass (St. Elizabeth of Hungary) is livestreamed at https://www.facebook.com/saintemeric/ and on our website, https://stemeric.com/

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