31st SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME “B” – October 31, 2021

RESPONSORIAL PSALM: I love you, Lord, my strength.

TODAY’S MASS INTENTION: János & Anna Megyimóri, by the Megyimóri Family


November 1 Monday 9:00 AM Celebrant’s Intention
November 2 Tuesday 9:00 AM Wilhelm Schrank (health)
November 2 Tuesday 6:00 PM For the Faithful Departed
November 3 Wednesday 9:00 AM Margit Győri, by the Family
November 4 Thursday 9:00 AM Deceased Members of the Kacsala and Spisak Families, by Mary Spisak
November 5 Friday 9:00 AM Fr. Thomas A. Govern
November 6 Saturday 5:00 PM Imre Földesi, by Gizella Földesi
November 7 Sunday 11:00 AM For the Parishioners of St. Emeric

FROM THE DESK OF FR. BONA: The month of November (and especially the first 8 days) is dedicated to the memory of the faithful departed. However, it should not be just this month that we remember our deceased. The reason we are encouraged to pray for the loved ones who passed away, is to help them to shorten their time in Purgatory. I saw an older pamphlet on the topic of Purgatory and will share with you some excerpts from it here:

“For most of us, Purgatory is probably the next roadstop on our journey to eternity. It is also where some of our dear ones may presently be. Good sense calls us to be interested and concerned about it. And doubly so, because one of the few certainties about Purgatory is that we can do much to aid the souls there, and to bypass it ourselves, or at least shorten our stay.  Purgatory comes from the Latin, “cleansing fire.” (Many theologians teach that there is no physical fire and the soul’s pain is purely spiritual.) Purgatory is the condition in the next world wherein those who die in the state of grace make any expiation still due. Expiation is due if they died with unrepented venial sins or with a debt of temporal punishment owed for forgiven sins.  Temporal punishment for sin is the reparation that is due even after we’ve been forgiven. An example will help: A man steals a hundred dollars from a friend, repents, and asks and receives forgiveness. But his friend adds, “Give me the hundred dollars back.”  Similarly, when we sin, we not only offend God, but mar his creation. We need to receive forgiveness and to heal the wounds on self and others by penance and good works.  When we die, each is judged by his deeds, and assigned to Heaven or Hell. But those who are blessed with the lot of Heaven cannot enter if they have unrepented venial sins, or owe a debt of penance.”

“And so three sober conclusions: First, we can and should intercede for the Church Suffering by almsgiving, good works, gaining indulgences, and, above all, offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  Second, when we see a person suffering, let us be aware that he is probably both gaining merit and escaping much of his Purgatory, especially if he bears it with Jesus. Thirdly, let us so live on Earth as to be purified here. Why do it the hard way in Purgatory?  Be sure of one thing: It is the hard way. It is a holy and pious thought to pray for the dead, speeding them to the arms of our Lord and our Lady and all the Church Triumphant, to the glory of God the Father (Fr. Herbert F. Smith, SJ in Catholic Twin Circle Magazine).

LAST WEEKEND’S COLLECTION: Sunday Offering: $1,573. In loving memory of Imre Földesi: $590. Special donation: $95. May God reward your generosity. Thank you also for sending in your offertory donation when not in attendance at Mass either by mail or on our website using a credit card or the PayPal option: https://stemeric.com/donations/

OUR PATRONAL FEAST will be celebrated on November 7 and Bp. Edward C. Malesic, our diocesan bishop, will be our main celebrant. We will begin with a Eucharistic Adoration: 10 – 10:45AM. This will be followed by the Solemn Mass at 11AM. Following the Mass, we will have a sit down meal. The menu will be: traditional chicken soup, cucumber salad, baked half chicken with stuffing of mushrooms and smoked ham, wild rice pilaf, roasted vegetable medley, and walnut buttercream torte, and coffee. The cost of the meal will be $25 and you can register with Maria Zsula (216-676-5863) or Maria Meszaros (440-331-0391).

ELIZABETH FEAST DAY CELEBRATION AND DINNER WILL BE NOVEMBER 14: Solemn Mass at 11 AM; Dinner at 12:30 PM. Dinner Menu: Stuffed chicken dinner with dessert. Cost: $20 for adults, $15 for children of 5-12 years of age, and under 5 years free. Please make your reservations by Monday November 8, by calling Virginia Kachmar (home: 216-791-6270 or cell: 216-246-2370) or Ilonka Hudak at 440-944-1384.

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK, especially for Bev Kimar, Béla Tarmann, Rose Dudevszky, Teréz Kalász, Madeleine B. Smith, Gerő Kondray, Lajos Boday, Barbara Vámos.


THIS SUNDAY the 11:15 AM Mass (from St. Emeric church) will be livestreamed from https://www.facebook.com/saintemeric/ and https://stemeric.com/

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