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RESPONSORIAL PSALM: The stone rejected by the builders has become the cornerstone.


9 AM: Parishioners of St. Emeric Parish

11 AM: Jolán Prófusz, by the Family


April 22 Monday 9:00 AM Ilona Boksay
April 23 Tuesday 9:00 AM Ildikó Andrássy, by Réka Simonyi
April 24 Wednesday 9:00 AM Borbála Marinesku, by the Karácsony Family
April 25 Thursday 9:00 AM Celebrant’s Intention
April 26 Friday 9:00 AM Fr. James M. Cassidy
April 27 Saturday 5:00 PM József Juhász, by the Juhász Family
April 28 Sunday 9:00 AM Parishioners of St. Emeric Parish
April 28 Sunday 11:30 AM at St. Elizabeth: Márton Szilágyi, by the Karácsony Family

FROM THE DESK OF FR. BONA: (1) VERY IMPORTANT: As you could see below on April 28th, we will not have our 11AM Mass here at St. Emeric, but it will be held at the Shrine of St. Elizabeth at 11:30AM. I hope that many of you will join us also for the meal afterwards. (2) This Sunday (4/21), we will have the youth choir provide music at Mass. (3) An electronic version of our bulletin (in PDF format) is also emailed out. I know that many of you are already on the email list. If you would like to be added to that list, please email to Ildikó Peller ( and request to be added. (4) The next parish council meeting will be this week on Wednesday, April 24 at 6:30 pm. (5) This past week we had three tourist groups visiting our church and I am grateful again for all the volunteers who welcomed them, showed them around, cooked and served the meal.

VOCATIONS: In 1964, Pope Paul VI instituted the Day of Prayer for Vocations and placed it on the Sunday on which the Gospel of the Good Shepherd is read at Mass. At that time, it was the Second Sunday of Easter, but after the liturgical reforms it is now the Fourth Sunday of Easter. On April 11, 1964, on the eve of the first day of prayer, he said, “The problem of having a sufficient number of priests has an immediate impact on all of the faithful: not simply because they depend on it for the religious future of Christian society, but also because this problem is the precise and inescapable indicator of the vitality of faith and love of individual parish and diocesan communities, and the evidence of the moral health of Christian families. …Wherever numerous vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life are to be found, that is where people are living the Gospel with generosity.” Let us take this duty seriously and often pray for vocations to priesthood and religious life.

POPE PAUL VI’S PRAYER FOR VOCATIONS: O Jesus, Divine Shepherd of Souls, who called the Apostles to become fishers of men, now call the ardent and generous hearts of our youth to make them Your followers and ministers. Let them share your thirst for that universal redemption for which you daily renew Your sacrifice upon the altar. O Lord Jesus, “always living to make intercession for us,” extend our horizons to the entire world, where so many brethren make silent supplication for the light of truth and the warmth of love, so that answering Your call, many young men may prolong here Your mission, edify your Mystical Body, the Church, and become “the salt of the earth and the light of the world.” Extend, O Lord, Your loving call to many pure and generous-hearted young women, that they may grow in their desire for evangelical perfection and may dedicate themselves to the service of the Church and their neighbors who so desperately need such assistance and charity. Amen

FRIENDS AND ALUMNI DINNER on April 28th at the Shrine of St. Elizabeth of Hungary. That day we will not have 11AM Mass at St. Emeric, but, we will transfer it to St. Elizabeth with a 11:30 start time. Following the Mass, dinner will be served. Menu: Stuffed cabbage, sauerkraut, Hungarian baked chicken, parsley potatoes, salad, and dessert. Adults over 16: $25; children (11-8): $15; children under 7: free. RSVP by April 22nd: please, call Virginia at 216-246-2370 or Susan (in Hungarian) at 216-581-4333.

REQUEST FOR PHOTOS FROM LANDER ROAD SHRINE: A parishioner is preparing a history of Hungarian Catholic shrines in America and is requesting that anyone who has photographs from the outdoor Our Lady of Perpetual Help Shrine that was on Lander Road at St. Margaret’s to contact Nicholas Boros at (440) 241-1661 or All photos will be scanned and returned to their owners. Thank you!

LAST WEEKEND’S COLLECTION: Collection: $1,656; Renovation Fund: $1,461. May God reward your generosity in supporting the church. Thank you for sending in your donations by mail or using our website

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK, especially for Bev Kimar, Teréz Kalász, Lajos Boday, Márta Takács, Zsuzsanna Hunyadi, Kathy Szabó, Dorothy Fromhercz, Alex Szaday, Virginia Kachmar, Margaret Falk, and Mária Hokky.

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE DECEASED, especially for Phil Lucchese who passed away on Saturday, April 20. Funeral will be on Tuesday, April 23, at 10AM at St. Anthony of Padua church, Parma. May his souls and the souls all the faithful departed, rest in peace. Amen.

THIS SUNDAY the 11:00 AM Mass from St. Emeric church will be livestreamed at and


Ez a bejegyzés olvasható Hungarian nyelven is.

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