RESPONSORIAL PSALM: Lord, send out your Spirit, and renew the face of the earth.

TODAY’S MASS INTENTION: Fr. Ferenc A. Kárpi; Fr. Richard Orley


June 6 Monday 9:00 AM Celebrant’s Intention
June 11 Saturday 5:00 PM Stephen and Rose Sztranyak, by Frank Dobos
June 12 Sunday 11:15 AM Victor & Charlotte Falk, by Ildikó Peller

FROM THE DESK OF FR. BONA: Today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Pentecost. According to the religious tradition of Israel, Pentecost was originally the feast of the first fruits of the harvest. The Greek name “Pentecost” was given to this feast, because it was celebrated fifty days after the feast of the Pasch. It was also called the feast of weeks, because it fell seven weeks after the Pasch. The books of the law contained detailed instructions for the celebration of Pentecost, which later also became the feast of the renewal of the covenant.

The descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles and on the first community of Christ’s disciples who, in the upper room of Jerusalem, “devoted themselves with one accord to prayer,” together with Mary the mother of Jesus (cf. Acts 1:14), is linked with the Old Testament meaning of Pentecost. The apostles, together with Mary are the first fruits that were sown by Christ’s sacrifice.

On the very same day, Peter gave his first public speech after which there was an abundant harvest. “Some three thousand” were converted (Acts 2:41): a cause of great joy both for the apostles and their Master, the divine Sower. May the Holy Spirit come into our hearts and continue to bring forth spiritual fruits in and through our lives.

PLEASE NOTE: I will be away from the parish and will be back on 24th. There will not be weekday Masses until the 24th and substitute priests will be covering the weekend Masses. If there is an emergency, please call your neighboring parish. If there are funerals, please email me at and I will try to arrange for a priest. I keep you all in my prayers. Fr. Bona

MOTHER OF THE CHURCH: On February 11, 2018, the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments inscribed a new obligatory Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, into the General Roman Calendar. This memorial is celebrated every year on the Monday after Pentecost (this year June 6).

JUNE: THE MONTH OF THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS: Jesus’ pierced Heart on the cross is a sign of our Redeemer’s love for us. When we honor the Heart of Jesus, we focus on our love for the Heavenly Father and on His love for us. Jesus so loved the Heavenly Father that he willingly gave up His life as sacrifice in order to obtain forgiveness for our sins and wrongdoings. Jesus so loved us that he accepted death on the cross so that we would be reconciled with the Heavenly Father and to rejoin His divine life. The essence of our reverence for the Heart of Jesus is the Atonement, the following of Christ, and the offerings of ourselves.

JUNE 26 – BENEFIT LUNCH AT ST. EMERIC CHURCH HALL: On this day we will hold a benefit lunch to help Hungarians in Ukraine (or help a Hungarian charitable organization ­ – Katolikus Karitász). The lunch begins at 12:45 p.m. Menu: Hungarian style cheese spread with bread, chicken paprikash with traditional dumplings (nokedli), fresh cucumber salad, delicious homemade pastry for dessert, coffee. Refreshing drinks are also available. If you would like to participate, please call one of the following ladies by June 22: Marika Zsula 216-676-5863 or Éva Fricke 216-521-5294. For adults $20, for students $10, and children under 6 free. Additional donations for this cause are also most welcome.

LAST WEEKEND’S COLLECTION (5/29): Sunday collection: $1,192; Maintenance: $400. May God reward your generosity. Thank you for sending in your donations by mail or using our website

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK, especially for Bev Kimar, Rose Dudevszky, Teréz Kalász, Gerő Kondray, Lajos Boday, Julius Skerlan, and Elmar Koeberer.


THIS SUNDAY the 11:15 AM Mass from St. Emeric church will be livestreamed at and

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