RESPONSORIAL PSALM: I will rise and go to my father.

TODAY’S MASS INTENTION: Fr. Robert T. Begin, by Éva Szabó


September 12 Monday 9:00 AM Parishioners of St. Elizabeth and St. Emeric parishes
September 13 Tuesday 9:00 AM Stephen & Betty Ann Palko, by Mary Spisak
September 14 Wednesday 9:00 AM Ilona Balunek, by George Balunek
September 15 Thursday 9:00 AM For the Benefactors of our Parish
September 16 Friday 9:00 AM Fr. James J. Vesely
September 17 Saturday 5:00 PM Marie Golias
September 18 Sunday 11:15 AM Barnabás Lacza, by the Family

FROM THE DESK OF FR. BONA: Traditionally, we speak of two comings of our Lord: His Incarnation, and His return in glory. At His Incarnation, he visibly entered the world. He descended from Heaven, so that he can rescue us from the power of darkness and sin. This moment of Incarnation is so special to us that to honor it we bow our heads (or kneel on Christmas and Annunciation) when we mention it in the creed. Moreover, when our Lord entered the broken world, he showed us that he was not afraid of the death on the cross. The reason was his great love for us. As St. Catherine of Siena said: it was not the nails that held him attached to the cross, but His love for us. This week we will celebrate the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross and so let us remember our Lord Jesus Christ and his stupendous love for us. Let us rejoice in the marvelous Savior we have!

Our Lord Jesus Christ will also return one day in glory to judge the living and the dead. His Second Coming is real and we should be aware of the fact that it could happen at any time. Sure, it may not happen for many years, or even for many hundreds of years, but it will happen. It will definitely happen in our personal life at the end of our earthly journey. We must live in such a way that we are always ready for that end.

But, there is a third coming we can speak of which is His coming by grace into our lives. And this coming is quite real and should be something to which we are continually attentive. His coming by grace requires that we be continually “prepared” to meet Him. If we are not prepared, we can be certain we will miss Him. This was the mistake of the prodigal son and to a certain degree of the older brother as well. They did not recognize the value of their father’s presence.

How do we prepare for this coming by grace? We prepare first and foremost by fostering a daily habit of interior prayer. The moments we dedicate exclusively to prayer each day are essential to our holiness and relationship with God. An interior habit of prayer forms us and leads us to become sensitive to the spiritual matters. Our thinking will be different, our concerns will change, we will see ourselves, the world and its problems in different light.

Lord, help me to foster in my heart a life of prayer. Help me to seek You always and to always be prepared for You when You come. Jesus, I trust in You!

NEW PEW CUSHIONS: I would like to express my gratitude to a parishioner through whose generosity we now have new cushions in the pews. If you decide to sit on the pew without a cushion, before leaving please place the cushion back in its place. If you had brought your own cushion/pad to the church in the past, please take it home. After some time, the ownerless cushions will be reused in other places or discarded. Thank you.

CHRISTMAS MASS TIME: I know that we are just finishing the summer and so Christmas may not be on our minds, but I would like to ask for your input before I make a decision. Last Christmas we had our Christmas Eve Mass at 10pm and I received some suggestions to move it to a later time as to have more time for Christmas Eve family celebrations at home. If you have any comments about the best time, please let me know.

WASHER/DRYER: Three men from the Kőrősi Csoma Sándor program will be living in our guesthouse. If you know someone who is disposing of their older, but still in working condition washer and dryer, please let us know.

EMERIC – AIR CONDITIONING INSTALLATION: Thank you very much for all those who have already donated to our fundraising campaign! We truly appreciate your kindness and generosity. With the MATCHING GIFT we have been able to collect $53,000 towards our goal of installing air-conditioning units in the church ($79,000). Please remember, ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT for donations to be matched! All donations, large or small, are greatly appreciated and now they are worth double! Please share this news with others and those who have not donated yet. Contributions can be made with your donations in the weekly offertory basket with a check or an envelope marked “For air conditioning,” on our website with a note of the same, or on Thank you very much!!

LAST WEEKEND’S COLLECTION (9/4): Collection totals will be included in the next week’s bulletin. May God reward your generosity in supporting the church. Thank you for sending in your donations by mail or using our website

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK, especially for Bev Kimar, Rose Dudevszky, Teréz Kalász, Gerő Kondray, Lajos Boday, Julius Skerlan, and Márta Takács.


THIS SUNDAY the 11:15 AM Mass from St. Emeric church will be livestreamed at and  

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