Recently we replaced the old, inefficient, incandescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs throughout the church building. Nearly 120 individual LED bulbs were installed in the light fixtures in the church nave (where the pews are) and organ loft, all the side classrooms, the downstairs large hall and bar, and in the stairwells.

The cost for these bulbs was about $1,200. However, the bulbs should last for decades, significantly lowering the parish’s electricity costs through the years, and they have nicely brightened all areas where some of the lights were dim at best. Thank you to Peter Balassy, Michael Horvath and Louis Zsula for their efforts in obtaining the right bulbs and installing them.

Donations to help pay for this project are always welcome and appreciated! Online here: Donations – St. Emeric Church ( Or mail a check to: St. Emeric Catholic Church, 1860 West 22nd Street, Cleveland, OH 44113.

Ez a bejegyzés olvasható Hungarian nyelven is.

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