We are in the midst of summer. Along with that comes the heat and humidity that seems to be worse and longer lasting in recent years. At this time of the year, having Mass in our church building can be very uncomfortable. Temperatures inside can rise up to 90° F (32 °C). Many of you have been suffering through the heat for many years and some parishioners do not attend Mass at St. Emeric on days when the heat can be oppressing. With this in mind, I, along with the support of the members of the Parish Council, would like to have air conditioning installed in the church.
     In lieu of installing central air conditioning, which would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, we have received estimates to install whisper silent, esthetically pleasing, ductless air conditioning units in the church, three on each side of the walls between the stained-glass windows and one unit in the organ/choir loft. The cost for this project would be just over $79,000.
     While we can afford to use some limited funds from our existing savings and try to apply for grants for this project, it is imperative to receive the financial support of all parishioners. All donations, large or small, would be greatly appreciated and can be made with your donations in the weekly offertory basket with a check or an envelope marked “For air conditioning” or on our website with a note of the same. We would particularly be pleased if families or individuals, who are capable, make a donation for this cause in the amount of $1,000 or more.
     Air conditioning in the church will make it very comfortable to pray and offer the Sacrifice of the Mass especially for the elderly who may not be able to attend for medical reasons during the summer heat. Many of you may have noticed the peeling paint on the ceiling and walls of the church caused by the lack of climate control over the years. Our church building will be 100 years old in 2025 and will need a costly repainting again because of the deteriorating conditions caused by the heat and humidity. An air-conditioned sanctuary should keep repainted walls and ceilings lasting much longer than in the past.

     With a tremendous effort and support from all parishioners and as funding is accumulated and materials become available, work can begin soon on this project. Please consider making your donation to the best of your ability and may God bless you for your continued support of St. Emeric parish.

     Thank you! Fr. Bona

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